FMS takes great pride in implementing a positive behavior intervention support system in our building.  We feel our students should be rewarded for their positive choices throughout the school year!  Hence, our students are rewarded in a variety of ways which include academics, behavior, attendance and positive character attributes!   

Viking Cards:
  1. Students will receive a card if they earn one or more of the following for the quarter:

    1. All A’s, Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, or No Discipline. These will be checked on each student’s card.

  2. Students earning a card may go to the Quarter Social (held at the end of the day).

  3. All A students will also earn the Order Out Lunch.


  1. No-discipline for the quarter- Students will receive Viking Cards and can go to the social

  2. No-discipline all year—Skating Trip

  3. Finland’s Finest: Staff nominates a student(s) each quarter for displaying good character; breakfast with staff, students, and parents to celebrate!

  4. Viking Virtues: Given by staff nominations of students when they are displaying one of our character virtues, students turn their slips into the office and names are drawn on Fridays for a treat in the office!

  5. Positive Referral: Staff nominate a student each quarter that is displaying that month’s virtue; administration will meet individually with these students and a reward will be given to the group!


  1. Quarterly reward for individual homerooms that color in an “All Aboard” handout

  2. Ongoing challenge 7th and 8th grade students are rewarded for cumulating points based on their attendance

  3. Yearly challenge between 7th and 8th grade, announced and updated daily, reward at end of the year