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The official Finland Middle School Webpage:

Purchasing Tickets:

All tickets must be purchased on-line through Local Level prior to the game. No tickets will be sold at the gates or doors during the event. To pre-purchase your tickets, use the following website:

Once you are on the website, you will search "Finland" for a list of each weeks events. The events will be updated weekly. There are limits on the spectators for both Football and Volleyball Games. Please see below each sports letter for guidelines.

FMS Volleyball Letter (1).pdf

Fall Sports Announcement:

In regards to volleyball, we are collecting contact information to reach out to students that are interested in participating in volleyball. If you are interested please fill out the following survey: https://forms.gle/JWB6VqRpBGDAhT9bA

If you come to a summer activity, understand we are asking that you:

- Sign a Covid/Student Waiver to understand the potential risks.

- Dropped off as close to the start time as possible to limit students gathering in groups.

- Bring everything you need, including water, as the locker rooms are still closed.

- Bring a mask.

- You will be asked to answer several health questions upon arrival every time.

- You will be asked to social distance.

- You will be asked to wear a mask when you are not engaged in vigorous activity.

- Spectators will be asked to stay away from the practice field.

- Picked up at the end of practice as close to the end time as possible to limit students gather in groups.

Failure to follow these or health concerns can result in you not being allowed to participate in the activities.

Upcoming Dates

FMS Volleyball Schedule (1).pdf

Mandatory Parent Meeting:

Virtual this year

Success Beyond the Classroom Scholarships - Due Friday, July 24th by 4:00pm

Pay to Participate - Due Friday, September 11th