Electronics Policy New for 2022-23

Electronics Policy FMS 2022-2023

  • “Electronic devices” for this policy includes, cell phones, headphones/earbuds/airpods, hand-held games, and/or other devices which allow students to message others or access the internet for non-classroom purposes. School-issued Chromebooks do NOT fall under “electronic devices” for the purpose of this policy.

  • Students are only allowed to use electronic devices during hall changes and lunch periods.

  • The tardy bell to any class is the signal to put all electronic devices away.

  • The first time the teacher sees an electronic device out (not necessarily in use) the teacher will give one individual reminder to that student to keep the electronic device put away.

  • After that warning, if the student is seen with an electronic device again, the student will have two options. The first option is to let the teacher hold on to the device through the end of the period which would result in no discipline for the student. The second option is for the student to keep the device and put it away and out of sight. This second option would result in a lunch detention for the student and the parents/guardians will be notified.

  • If the student is seen with an electronic device a third time that period, the student will have an office referral for refusing to comply with the policy. Office administration will assign discipline and contact parents/guardians.