Coach Bryan Bowling


Winter Sports Mandatory Parent Meeting

Will be completed remotely for the 2020 season. Details to follow at a later date.

If you come to a wrestling related activity, understand we are asking that you:

- Sign a Covid/Student Waiver to understand the potential risks.

- Dropped off as close to the start time as possible to limit students gathering in groups.

- Bring everything you need, including water, as the locker rooms are still closed.

- Bring a mask.

- You will be asked to answer several health questions upon arrival every time.

- You will be asked to social distance.

- You will be asked to wear a mask when you are not engaged in vigorous activity.

- Spectators will be asked to stay away from the practice field.

- Picked up at the end of practice as close to the end time as possible to limit students gather in groups.

Failure to follow these or health concerns can result in you not being allowed to participate in the activities.

2020 Schedule

Wrestling Schedule (1).pdf

Success Beyond the Classroom Scholarships - Due Friday, November 13th by 4:00 pm

Pay to Participate - Due Friday, January 8th